Why this project?

Italians Who Design is a repository where the most talented Italian designers are gathered. It aims to help people find notable and relevant voices to ispire you, increase your network and (why not?) to work with.
Design Firms, instead, is our project's branch that aims to select all the business excellence that are involved in the world of UX, both agencies and in house teams.

Who is the site useful for?

Are you a hiring manager or a company looking for talented designers? Great, there are several profiles here, you will find the one that best suits your needs.
Are you organizing a conference? Well, use this repository to find speakers.
Are you a designer? Fantastic, you can apply to be added to the list of the most talented Italian designers and increase your visibility.

How can I be listed here?

If you are, or you know about, an italian designer whose work valuable and deserve to be shared to inspire others, please visit the 'Get Listed' page and fill the form with all required information. You can link your portfolio, Website, Linkedin, or any social profiles that represents you (and your design) best.
Instead, if you are a digital firm interested in being listed, you can visit the 'List your Firm' page and fill the form, we need few information.

Where can you read about us?

You can find more information about us on this publications:

Is this idea original?

No, this project is inspired by other similar and amazing projects:

How can I be removed from the list?

If you want to opt-out or change something about your profile, please send us a message at info@italianswho.design
Also, if you want to have a look about what kind of data we collect, and why, visit the Privacy page.

Who we want to thanks?

Italians Who Design is built inspired by the projects of Zhe Fernandes (who coded brazilianwho.design), Fabrizio Teixeira and Jules Forrest (who created womenwho.design). Our thanks go also to Roberto Falcone, who came up with the idea, for helping us create the 'Design Firms' repository. Without him it would have taken months, he made the whole process smoother. They all convinced us that our project deserved to be realized.
Also our appreciation goes to all the creatives that helped us grow, by sharing this project as much as possible and giving us lots of feedback.

Who is behind?

Andrea Paci

Alessandro Greco